Draft 2021 Regional Plan

The 2021 Regional Plan is a 30-year plan that considers how we will grow, where we will live, and how we will move around the region. It combines the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), and Regional Comprehensive Plan. As such, the 2021 Regional Plan must comply with specific state and federal mandates, including an SCS, per Senate Bill 375 (Steinberg, 2008), that achieves greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by the California Air Resources Board; compliance with federal civil rights requirements (Title VI); and environmental justice considerations, air quality conformity, and a public participation process.

Draft 2021 Regional Plan chapters and appendices

Chapter 1: A Bold New Vision for the 2021 Regional Plan
Chapter 2: Sustainable Communities Strategy – A Framework for the Future
Chapter 3: Paying for the Regional Plan, Forming Partnerships and Taking Action, and Monitoring How the Plan Performs
Appendix A: Transportation Projects, Programs, and Phasing 
Appendix B: Implementation Actions  
Appendix C: Air Quality Planning and Transportation Conformity  
Appendix D: Sustainable Communities Strategy Documentation and Related Information
Appendix E: Performance Monitoring  
Appendix F: Regional Growth Forecast and Sustainable Communities Strategy Land Use Pattern  
Appendix G: Public Involvement Plan  
Appendix H: Social Equity: Engagement and Analysis  
Appendix I: Tribal Consultation Process for San Diego Forward: The 2021 Regional Plan – Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination  
Appendix J: Megaregion and Borders Planning and Collaboration  
Appendix K: Regional Housing Needs Assessment Plan  
Appendix L: Active Transportation  
Appendix M: Progress on Near-Term and Continuing Actions  
Appendix N: SANDAG Federal Congestion Management Process  
Appendix O: Federal System Performance Report  
Appendix P: Travel and Tourism  
Appendix Q: Transportation Security and Safety  
Appendix R: Stormwater and Resilience  
Appendix S: Travel Demand Modeling Tools  
Appendix T: Network Development and Performance  
Appendix U: Cost Estimation Methodology  
Appendix V: Funding and Revenues  
Appendix W: California Coastal Trail Technical Memoranda and 2021 Technical Addendum
Appendix X: 2016 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Projections for the San Diego Region  
Appendix Y: Goods Movement Planning and draft 2021 San Diego and Imperial Counties Freight Gateway Study Update
Appendix Z: California State Wildlife Action Plan  
Appendix AA: Regional Habitat Conservation Vision  
Appendix BB: Regional Aviation Strategic Plan and San Diego Airport Multimodal Accessibility Plan  
Appendix CC: The 2020 Coordinated Plan
Appendix DD: 2021 Regional ITS Architecture Update Technical Memorandum/Primer 

Alternative languages

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this document is available in alternate formats by contacting the SANDAG ADA Coordinator, the Director of Diversity and Equity, at (619) 699-1900 or (619) 699-1904 (TTY).   

En cumplimiento con la Ley de Estadounidenses con Discapacidades (ADA, por sus siglas en inglés), usted puede solicitar este documento en formatos alternos, contactando al Coordinador de ADA de SANDAG, Director de Diversidad y Equidad, al (619) 699-1900 o (619) 699-1904 (TTY). 

Draft 2021 Regional Plan public comment period

The public review and comment period for the draft 2021 Regional Plan was conducted from May 28 to August 6, 2021, and is now closed. Comments were accepted online and via email, voicemail, fax, and written mail. Recordings of the public hearings and informational open houses held during the public comment period can be access and viewed online. 

View recordings of the public hearings: 

View recordings of the subregional open houses: 

  • North County Coastal: Recording of Tuesday, June 15 (English | Español
  • County Unincorporated: Recording of Wednesday, June 16 (English | Español
  • South County: Recording of Tuesday, June 22, 2021 (English | Español
  • East County: Recording of Thursday, June 24, 2021 (English | Español
  • North County Inland: Recording of Monday, June 28, 2021 (English | Español
  • Central San Diego: Recording of Wednesday, June 30, 2021 (English | Español

North County Coastal | 6/15/21 Open House 

Costa del Condado Nor | 6/15/21 Reunión Pública

County Unincorporated | 6/16/21 Open House 

Áreas no incorporadas del Condado | 6/16/21 Reunión Pública

South County | 6/22/21 Open House 

Condado Sur | 6/22/21 Reunión Pública

East County | 6/24/21 Open House 

Condado Este | 6/24/21 Reunión Pública

North County Inland | 6/28/21 Open House 

Interior del Condado Norte | 6/28/21 Reunión Pública

Central San Diego | 6/30/21 Open House 

San Diego Central | 6/30/21 Reunión Pública