Every four years, SANDAG prepares and updates a Regional Plan in collaboration with the 18 cities and County of San Diego along with regional, state, and federal partners. The Plan answers questions like: What do we want our region to look like in 2050 and beyond? Where will we live? How will we get around? How can we grow in a way that fuels our economy, preserves our environment, takes everyone's needs into account, and still maintains our quality of life? San Diego Forward: The 2021 Regional Plan tackles these questions and provides a blueprint for a sustainable future for the San Diego region. SANDAG has been using a data-driven process to develop a transformative vision for the 2021 Regional Plan to serve the region for generations to come. 

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Federal RTP Cover

San Diego Forward: The 2019 Federal Regional Transportation Plan was adopted by the SANDAG Board of Directors on October 25, 2019. It combines the big-picture vision for how our region will grow by 2050 with an implementation program to help make that vision a reality.