Community Input

Obtaining community input is critical to creating a plan that reflects the varied values, needs, and interests of the San Diego region’s residents and businesses. SANDAG is committed to engaging a broad and diverse cross-section of the San Diego region during the development of the Plan.

A comprehensive Public Involvement Plan was drawn up for San Diego Forward and it contains various public engagement techniques, including public workshops, social media, visualizations, and other means of involving the public and receiving meaningful input. It also describes how to connect with hard to reach communities, such as a tribal nations and low-income and minority populations.

Community Based Outreach
In order to reach out to community members who have traditionally been underserved and underrepresented in the planning process, SANDAG is partnering with approximately 12 to 15 Community Based Organizations from around the region to bring San Diego Forward to the community level. These organizations have created programs to engage stakeholders from low-income communities, limited-English speaking populations, the disabled community, and seniors to ensure that their voices are heard and that San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan is socially equitable.