Regional Parking Management Toolbox

Parking often influences how we choose to get around our community. We want readily available parking at our destinations or transit hubs, but making that parking available requires careful management between supply and demand. An oversupply of free parking can hinder smart growth, make housing less affordable, deter commercial activity, increase traffic, and make for fewer recreation opportunities. Not enough causes frustration, spillover, and excessive cruising in parking zones. 

It is a delicate balance ensuring parking is available, without having so much available that it causes these unintended consequences. San Diego Forward: The 2019-2050 Regional Plan will include a Regional Parking Management Toolbox to help all 18 cities and the County manage parking so that it benefits the economy, as well as our overall transportation system. 

Elements of the Regional Parking Management Toolbox include:

  • Menu of parking strategies and technologies
  • Identification of specific strategies and technologies for different community settings and uses
  • Financial and staffing resources needed to manage parking effectively
  • Best practices for public outreach, education, and marketing
  • Case studies and lessons learned

Regional Parking Management Toolbox

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