Near-Term Action - Specialized Transportation Strategy

The SANDAG Coordinated Plan provides a five-year blueprint for the implementation of public transit and social service transportation concepts described in San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan. That blueprint includes a regional strategy to provide transportation to recognized transportation-disadvantaged groups such as seniors, individuals with disabilities, and persons of limited means.

The short-range plan described above is updated every other year; the 2016-2020 Coordinated Plan was most recently approved by the SANDAG Transportation Committee in July 2016. Through the regional planning process and an analysis of the demographic changes expected to occur in the region between now and 2050, SANDAG has identified the need for a long-term specialized transportation implementation strategy in order to identify projects, programs, and needs for seniors and persons with disabilities out to the Regional Plan’s horizon year of 2050.

SANDAG will work closely with the region’s transit operators, as well as the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency, to develop this long-range strategy as part of the next biennial update of the Coordinated Plan.